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Rebecca Lord

Rebecca Lord's Biography :

Rebecca Lord is a stunning little French firecracker who hit the ground running in 1995 and showed herself to be one of the absolute hottest of the recent spate of European imports. Rebecca Lord's a real cutie, with a lithe little body, dazzling medium-sized mams, a taut butt, and an adorable face. Rebecca Lord's smile exudes the wholesome aura of a perky foreign exchange student, but when she stares into the eyes of a potential partner, her eyes give off a sensual, lusty ardor that is a natural aphrodisiac. And of course, that French accent is quite a turn-on. When it comes to sex, Rebecca Lord is not quite as adventurous as many European porn queens: She prefers more romantic, gentle films to the nastier flicks that dominate the scene, but Rebecca Lord is more than able to handle herself no matter how raw things get.