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Scene Info

Body Language

  • Updated 04-29-2017 |
  • Length 46:00 min |
  • Size 1 MB |
  • Images 30 |
Starring Ava, Mistress Irony
Categories BDSM

tress Irony returns with one of her favorite human toys…Ava. This cruel Mistress has nothing in mind but tormenting whomever is daring enough to let her. Mistress Irony forces her poor slave to endure orgasm after orgasm…which to many might not seem like torture at all. But when your bound and helpless and your pussy is being pulled open, and each orgasm makes you more and more sensitive…this quickly turns into torture, humiliation, and a deep feeling over being out of control. She’s not content with just torturing Ava though…she sees promise in this one, and so decides to make her perform a number of difficult slave positions. This is the base for the rest of Ava’s training in the future, and as any BDSM enthusiast knows – these positions are the Slave’s real and true voice. The voice that they cannot let out any other time, a voice that begs and strains to get out – and when it finally does…well…watch the result!