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Scene Info

The Blushing Rose

  • Updated 02-15-2017 |
  • Length 40:00 min |
  • Size 1 MB |
  • Images 93 |
Starring Violet, Rose
Categories BDSM

It's hard times for our delicate little Rose as she finds herself caught between two sadistic pain masters. Zachariah and Violet are doing their very best to break this fine young filly. So the night begins with a tendering of Rose's subtle little ass using the usual suspects; a firm hand, an unforgiving wooden paddle and the very popular leather riding crop. Her ass is nice and pink but Violet has much more in store for her. She kneels down and uses her angry tongue on Rose's tender clit while Zachariah continues to spank and tweak Rose's erect nipples bringing her to her first dripping orgasm. Oh but how the fun continues as Violet stands triumphantly before Rose with her nine inch rubber cock in hand. Rose gets on her knees and reluctantly swallows the whole thing as Zachariah eats her pussy and excites her with a magic wand of his own. Think that's it? Think again as Violet slides her cock deep into Roses swollen pussy and fucks her too an orgasmic cum dripping end!